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Hi, I'm Jennifer

Marble Surface

My Story

Cafe au Lait

I don’t just listen to music, I devour it. I

   let the experience touch my soul. I listen

 to a song repeatedly to hear something

new each time such as a background voice, a riff from the bass, a unique

beat or an unidentifiable sound. I listen for where the singer took a breath,

where I got goosebumps and why. It doesn’t matter what genre, if it is

genuine, it touches the same place in me. When I am listening to music it is

whole-body experience. In my head, I imagine where a note might be placed. My hands float with the melody involuntarily and my eyes close for the heart-wrenching inflections. My soul is free, and my mind is open. While in traffic, I once rear-ended a VW bug hitting a high note with my eyes closed (no one was hurt).

I am a classically trained vocalist. I’ve been known to pull

over on the highway just to write down a thought or record

something on my phone. I stopped singing for many years

because one person told me I couldn't sing. I didn’t believe

in myself. I didn’t understand the gift and what it meant to

my soul! We all have a gift. I encourage you to find yours. It

is in your soul. Believe in it, trust and nurture it. When you

start to own it, no one can take it from you.

I am a proud Colorado native. My book is printed in Colorado

and most people involved in these projects are Colorado

people. I love animals, there is so much we can learn from

them if we would humble ourselves. Oh, and I love coffee.

A lot!



                                                                                        Thank you for your purchase and support.



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